Pork (char Sui) - Thai & Malaysian

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£ 6.90 each
Thai and Malaysian Cuisine

Your Thai and Malaysian Pork (Char Sui) come with a range of sauces.

Pick one sauce from the following:-

Japanese Teriyaki Light Blend of Japanese soy sauce, Sake Wine & Apple Juice to make this delicious sauce

Thai Sweet Chilli with Cashew Nut

Thai Green Curry

Thai Red Curry

Coriander Chicken Chicken marinated with fresh coriander & spices, coated with sweet chilli sauce

Malaysian Sambal Malaysia Light Chilli Paste and Tomato Mixture Sauce

Kapitan Chilli & Coconut Milk Stir Fried with Green Bean, Curry Powder, Ground Spice, Shallots, Chilli and Coconut Milk

Malaysian Assam Stir Fried with Tamarind Sauce – Taste Spicy & Sour

Rice Wine and Chilli Dishes Cooked with Shao Xing Rice Wine and Fresh Chilli

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